Reel and Promo Samples

Play by Play reel, hockey (WMAR)

Studio Highlights (MCTV)

Studio Full Segment (MCTV)

Basketball Reel

Promo spots, MCTV

“Larceny By Larkin” Senior Night- “The Rant Sessions” promoting their coverage of Marist hockey’s upcoming senior night. Camerawork, editing and play-by-play by Casey Bryant.



“Miracle” Hype Promo- The Red Foxes get ready to take on the UNH Wildcats in the SECHL Playoffs.


“Miracle”Speech  Promo- The boys take a stab at Herb Brooks’ famous speech to inspire the Red Foxes. It doesn’t go as planned.


“We’re Live” Promo- A brief glimpse at a typical tangent during “The Rant Sessions.”

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